Adding value to your property

Adding value

TopTips: adding value to your property

Equestrian sites are unique and often evolve over time as they are tailored to the needs of an individual.

Before making expensive choices to add value to a property you are planning to sell please speak with us for advice. We see a variety of ideas in our line of work, and not all of them work.

Here are TopTips from Pilgrim Bond to help you make the right choices…

Download a TopTips PDF here – PBB-Top-Tips_Adding-value

  1. Size. Will your site sustain any changes? Installing a large indoor arena when there is limited turnout may not be making the best use of space. The same could be said for adding more stables – work to the rule of thumb of a horse an acre.
  2. Location. Keep relevant. If you are in an area that has lots of children and pony club appeal then keep your yard simple. If you have a larger yard in a more competition-orientated location you may want to think about horse walkers and other professional equipment, making sure there is space for lorries etc. to make it attractive to the right audience.
  3. Planning. Having planning permission for a school may add value. Accommodation on a yard will also appeal to prospective buyers. If there is potential, even if you don’t want to consider the expense of building it yourself, it may be worth taking advice on options and getting the paperwork to illustrate what is possible.
  4. Setting simple standards. Whatever your plans, if the infrastructure isn’t in place then it won’t appeal. Don’t try and make it something it isn’t – present the basics in good order instead. For example, good quality grazing and well-fenced paddocks will make for better outcomes than presenting options that are not viable.
  5. Be realistic. Be sure that any investment will work. We are happy to give advice. Even if you are not planning to sell immediately, you are welcome to get in touch.

To talk to an Equestrian or Rural Property Professional, call Pilgrim Bond  in Lambourn on 01488 72911 or email [email protected]/


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Published on July 28, 2017