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High-value property purchases force important lifestyle decisions that should be taken with consideration. Here are 10 Top Tips from Pilgrim Bond to help you make the right choices.

Download a TopTips PDF here – PBB-Top-Tips_Property-search

  1. Your agent – the key requirement. A reliable, reputable, competent and qualified agent will listen to your needs and provide inside knowledge of properties that you may not otherwise find on your own. An agent will also offer invaluable insight into the current market and help you negotiate the purchasing process, offering expertise to help you source a property that fits your budget and needs. An agent like Pilgrim Bond, as fellow horse people, will share your passion and have a unique understanding of your needs.
  2. Budget reality. Be realistic about the costs involved. Remember that Pilgrim Bond can help and advise.
  3. Property location and size. Location is important when searching for your dream property. You can make changes in the house or yard, but it’s not so easy to move the right property to a different place.
  4. Consider your equestrian activity. The type of riding required will influence location choices. If you wish to hack then it’s vital to seek an area that can offer this. If you are training for Cross Country or other activities then access to gallops and XC courses will be vital, if they’re not already available with properties you are viewing.
  5. Horses, home and business. Buying for commercial or private use makes a significant difference if you are required to factor in business rates.
  6. Equestrian facilities. Think about the bigger picture – you may be looking at property with a couple of acres but will you have designs on installing a manege later that will eat up space? It is often difficult to acquire adjacent land at a later date, and costly. Also consider the ability of your farrier, vets and feed merchants to visit and make deliveries.
  7. Property layout. It might look fantastic but think about how the layout will influence your activities. Does it all fit your needs and if not how can/will it adapt? Any renovations will need to be budgeted – and be sure that the timescale is manageable too. The weather also impacts on the layout. Damage from strong winds and flooding can be negated with sensitive layout options.
  8. Pasture and soil – drainage. No-one wants to be knee deep in mud. Look for soil and chalk substrate, not clay. Consider the fencing, pasture and possible negatives e.g. stony paddocks, unusable slopes or other natural features and landscape issues that could impact on use.
  9. Water supply. As well as utilities and services to the property, pay attention to how the land gets its water, the same for the yard. It’s an expensive outlay to put in pipe work.
  10. Consideration for resale. Be mindful that your ideas may not be those of people who may look to buy at some point in the future. Step back and be sure that decisions you make will mean that the property will continue to remain attractive to a potential buyer.

Above all, take your time, do your research and seek advice. If you can’t find exactly what you want then be careful how you compromise and don’t reach a decision through exasperation. Instead, take an objective look at possible developments and planning applications around the location you are considering that may influence your final decision.

Finally, our best advice is to listen to your agents. We have a reputation to maintain so are here to help you reach success in your property search.

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Published on July 18, 2017

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